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Community Engaged Research Projects

Vanderbilt Center for Addiction Research: Using Brain Science to Inform Young Minds About Addiction


Career Development Series

Navigating the academic job market

This is a short course designed for covering the ins and outs of the academic job market in the neuroscience/addiction field. This programming will be tailored to people on the faculty job market but will be open to anyone who is interested in participating at any career stage. We will focus on how to conceptualize your research program and effectively communicate this to a search committee. Over four lectures the course will cover preparing your application package, giving your seminar, giving a chalk talk, and negotiating. Each session will include a brief lecture, faculty panelists, and ample time for questions. The course will be tailored to the goals of the participants. In addition to scheduled programming there will be an opportunity to schedule practice seminars/chalk talks with a mock search committee who will provide formal feedback.

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